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One can hardly imagine the process of relocation without the task of packing involved in the picture. After all, it is the most important as well as a time-consuming part of every move. You could even go so far as to say that the success of the move can be measured by the quality of how you pack. Regardless of the distance or size of your move, one thing remains the same – your belongings need to reach the new destination in their impeccable state. For this reason, it is best that you turn to our experienced personnel at Professional Moving & Storage. With the best packing services Lawrence, KS has to offer, you can rest assured that your belongings will get all the care and attention they need during this venture. Call us today!

a  man packing things
Regardless of the road ahead, we will make sure your belongings are safe and ready for it.

What makes Professional Moving & Storage a company you can put your trust in?

We have been in the moving industry for over two decades, helping residents of the Lawrence community and surrounding areas to relocate with the greatest of ease. While we have grown a lot since our humble beginnings, both in size and in knowledge, one thing has remained the same: “There is only one boss, the customer.” What this means is that in our company, the customer always comes first. You can rest assured that all of your wishes, needs, and prerequisites will be acknowledged and answered.

People have always put their trust in our capable hands, and never once regretted it. What’s more, they often spoke of their satisfaction with our moving and storing services, thus allowing other people to enjoy their moving experiences by knocking on our doors. We are proud to say that over 80% of our business comes from referrals from our numerous and content customers. Make sure that you join this happy crowd by calling our number as soon as possible!

Do you need assistance with the packing process?

Some of you might consider taking the packing task upon themselves. After all, what can there be to it? A few quality boxes and a bit of packing tape is all that you need, right? Well, not exactly. While this approach may hold while you are packing pillows and towels, it will not serve you well when the time comes for packing books, dishes, furniture, and everything else for that matter. You will find yourself worrying about the safety of your belongings, even if the road they have to travel is rather short. Even the people moving locally are not speared of this worry.

Another flaw of packing on your own is the aspect of time. This task will take many, many hours, and there is no way to circumvent this fact. Most of our customers just don’t have the time to pack their own boxes. And, as moving is never just the transportation of your belongings from point A to point B, but many other obligations as well, you will find the excess of time to be a truly needed benefit. We offer complete packing services on every move. You only pay for the materials you use. And worry not, our trained professional packers will pack most homes in one day.

boxes that packing services Lawrence KS have prepared for a move
Lack of time often leads to mistakes and stress. Don’t let it come to that, but rather entrust us with the most time-consuming tasks of all – packing.

For these reasons alone, it would be best that you seek our professional packing assistance from Lawrence. People who are well-versed in this job will do more than just pack your boxes. They will give you the peace of mind and the extra time you can spend on other important matters.

Quality packing services in Lawrence, KS at your disposal

One cannot speak of the best Lawrence packing services without mentioning Professional Moving & Storage company. Our vast experience, deep knowledge of the matter, as well as competent and reliable staff is what separates us from others. In addition, we offer all of our services at affordable rates. Our main goal is to provide adequate assistance to all of those in need. For this reason, we want to make ourselves available to everyone, regardless of their budget. So, make sure to contact us and let us find just the perfect solution for your particular need.

Packing is an essential part of every move. When done correctly, it will guarantee the safety of your belongings, and that is the most important element of every shipping. With this in mind, people who provide our packing services take all the precautionary measures when addressing every single case. What this means is that they not only bring quality packing materials of various sizes to the location, but also take the necessary time to study the situation at hand, and thus take the best approach.

Take a look at our packing material offer and prices

Your residential and commercial moves are in safe and capable hands

Our staff is able to prepare your belongings for the upcoming move, whether it is just down the street, or to another town. As well as moving to another state. Our local and long-distance movers and packers have many years of valuable experience behind them. They will come with proper equipment, and utilize professional techniques in order to ensure the maximum safety of your goods. Before you know it, you will enjoy your new place sitting on that very same couch that you considered unable to be packed and moved.

It is no secret that commercial moves take substantial planning and meticulous organization. When packing for a commercial move, full attention and complete care have to be employed. Otherwise, important documents can be lost, and valuable technology damaged. However, this scenario needn’t even cross your mind when you have our packing services Lawerence KS at your side. We will make sure all of your goods reach your new office in an unblemished state. No matter if you are moving across the City of Lawrence, across Kansas or somewhere further. There won’t be even a single paper clip missing.

cardboard boxes in a room
Leave the packing of your home and office to us, and we will make sure it is swift, efficient, and above all safe.

We always have your best interest in mind

If you do decide to pack on your own, you are still going to need packing materials. Instead of wasting hours looking for them on places scattered all over town, give us a call and we will provide you with top-notch packing materials. These are the very same ones we use to provide supreme packing assistance to our satisfied customers. However, a team of our packers can complete the job in far less time than you might think. Have in mind that all of our movers are trained packers and know what it takes to protect your belongings.

Reach out to us today for the best packing services in Lawrence!

Call our number and find out what makes us the providers of the finest packing services Lawrence, KS has to offer. Our staff will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and provide further advice. Professional Moving & Storage has your back and will always put you and your needs first.

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