How to label boxes for moving like a pro

There are many things that make a moving process successful and one of them is labeling. Since that can get quite confusing and you can easily make a mistake, we will help you by explaining how to label boxes for moving like a pro. And speaking of professionals, call Professional Moving and Storage to provide you with moving services you need.

Why is it so important to label boxes for moving?

Well, let us give the simplest example in the world… You have four bottles in your bathroom, each one for something different yet they all look the same, just plain white bottles. In the first, you have shampoo, in the second, conditioner. The third one is shaving cream, and the fourth is a harsh chemical for cleaning. You are showering, what bottle are you going to use? Exactly… This is why labeling is so important. You must know what is in which bottle, or in your case, which box. If you have 30 carton boxes, how will you know which one has your kitchen appliances and which one has the toiletries? You will label them and you will not have a problem. Let us move on.

Two boxes-label boxes for moving
When you give someone a present, you ”label” it with a bow so everyone knows it is a present. The point is, everything is labeled. This is why you must label boxes for moving too.

How to properly label boxes for moving

There are many ways to label boxes and you will label yours according to your needs. Depending on how detailed, or not, you want to be, you will choose a system that best suits you. You can even go crazy with the colors of the markers and tape or barely use any, it is entirely up to you.

Simple labeling by room

This is a method a lot of people use, mostly the ones that do not have time or do not think labeling is that important. Labeling by room is not a complicated process and requires minimal effort. You buy your moving supplies, a single black marker and you are all set to go. Maybe, for you, it is enough to just write down the name of the room on the box so you know where the kitchen stuff is, and where the bathroom stuff is. This is a simple method, we do not really recommend it but if it suits your needs, that is all that matters.

Labeling by use

This is a little more detailed but can help a lot. If you want to be more efficient when unpacking your belongings, then you can label your boxes according to what is inside. If you have a box full of cosmetic products, you will label it as such, and if you have another box with knives, forks, and spoons, you can label the box as such or simply write down ”cutlery”. This is very helpful if you are a more organized person and do not want to spend half an hour looking through boxes labeled ”kitchen” just to find a fork.

How to create perfect labels

We must emphasize that this is for people who have more time on their hands and simply want to be very detailed when labeling their boxes. If you are not one of these people, move on. If you, in fact, are, and you want your labels to be perfect, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Print packing labels- You can make them yourself or you can download them. They mostly have the name of the room and empty space for you to add whatever you want. You can always write down what you want on a box or paper but that is not the proper way to do it and it definitely is not the perfect way.
  2. Purchase quality markers- And buy them in all the colors! Using colors can actually be very helpful when you label boxes for moving. You can have a color for every room or use red marker if the box has very fragile items inside. Whatever you want really, go wild. Just make sure they are waterproof.
  3. Watch your handwriting- If you have messy handwriting then maybe you can allow someone else to write for you. Even better, you can print the entire label. Most printed labels only have the name of the room on them. You can edit those labels and print them out ready for you to put them on the box. No extra writing needed. Also, make sure the letters are big enough.
Use colors, different markers, everything you think will help you label.

Where to label?

A common question with a simple answer. When labeling, label each side of the box. This is very important for various reasons. Imagine this, your Professional Moving Company is moving your very heavy boxes and the movers cannot seem to find the label. Why? Because you put it in one corner somewhere where nobody can see it. Instead of doing this, just label each side of the box so that you and the movers can see what is on that label without having to look for it every time. Make things practical, do not make them harder than they have to be. If you can, label the entire box, everywhere.

Labeled box
Do not label one side of the box, label every side. You want it to be seen clearly.

You can now label boxes for moving like a pro

We believe we have gone over every little detail there is. If we, by any chance, miss something, do forgive us. Still, it is perfectly clear that you will now be able to label boxes for moving like a pro. With a little luck and a little work, your boxes will be perfectly packed, labeled, moved and you definitely will not have a problem with unpacking. Why? Because you will know exactly where you packed which item. How? Well, because you labeled the boxes perfectly and properly. Also, you should have a little fun while doing this. We wish you good luck!

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