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Our piano movers from Lawrence, KS will relocate your bulky instrument in a safe and efficient manner. Contact Professional Moving & Storage to book a date.

Moving a piano can be a pretty stressful task to take on. That is why hiring our piano movers from Lawrence, KS is more than welcome if you want to ensure the safe relocation of a bulky and heavy, yet very fragile instrument. Get in touch with our team at Professional Moving & Storage so we can help you plan a move step by step. Save your time, nerves, and valuable belongings with our assistance.

a piano that piano movers Lawrence KS will move
Our piano movers will do the heavy lifting on your behalf with pleasure

Professional Moving & Storage – a company that will ease your mind

One of the factors that make relocations rather stressful periods in a person’s life is their complexity. Whether you plan on moving down the street, or to another state, there will be plenty of tasks ahead, all requiring tremendous organization skills and thoughtful planning. Once you pair this aspect with the inevitable emotional stress, it can be easy to understand why people decide they cannot do this all on their own. And we believe that they shouldn’t.

We believe that relocation should be a joyful and pleasant experience. With this in mind, Professional Moving & Storage likes to help make this belief into reality. With our experience, knowledge, and skills, we like to ensure every one of our customers gets just the help they need. So, when you find yourself anticipating a relocation, make sure to give us a call for:

Hire our piano movers from Lawrence, KS to ensure the safety of your precious instrument

Even though there are some parts of the relocation process you can finish on your own, moving a piano without professional guidance and assistance is not advisable. In order to avoid the risk of damaging the instrument, or even worse – getting injured by hauling this heavy item, we invite you to contact our Professional Moving & Storage team. We have prepared some of the most trusted piano movers Lawrence, KS is offering to make sure both you and your beloved instrument go through the relocation without a scratch.

A nice and clean piano
We will go out of our way to ensure your piano arrives at the new location in its pristine state.

What makes your piano so challenging for transportation?

One of the ways to predict the difficulty of a relocation process is by accessing the attention and care items you transport will require. Looking at it from this perspective, moving a piano is quite an endeavor. Being a musical instrument, it requires tremendous care and attentive handling. Any mistake can prove costly. Be that as it may, another factor that further complicates this process is the sheer size of a piano.

Apart from being bulky, this instrument is exceptionally heavy. As you can deduct yourself, transporting this precious item requires not only adequate knowledge and manpower but proper tools and correct technique as well. This is what makes our piano moving team in Lawrence, KS your greatest ally in this venture.

Our experienced team will know just how to move your piano from its current location to the moving truck, and from there to your new place. In addition, they will make sure no harm comes to this majestic instrument, nor to your walls or floors. Rest assured that all will remain in its pristine condition whilst under our watchful eyes.

A well-planned course of action and detailed organization stand behind the quality of our service

With a project as big and delicate as this one, the team taking care of it has to come prepared. That is exactly how we like to address every part of a move we are entrusted with. Know that our Lawrence piano moving crew will:

  • access the situation carefully before addressing the task at hand;
  • create a plan that will correspond with your particular case, ensuring you get the best of our service;
  • come with all the necessary tools and equipment that will provide for safe and secure transportation.

Having such an approach to every moving task allows us to be so efficient in our line of work. And we believe that to be one of the core factors behind our success.

Three people making a plan on action
The better the plan, the smoother the action – that is how we like to approach our moving tasks.

We value your word

In order to provide such quality service, we need to hear as much from you as possible. So, do not restrain from sharing your input, as well as wishes and ideas with us. We like to hear from our customers, as we find that to be an essential part of providing supreme service. The more we know, the better we will be able to adjust our plan to your particular needs, and thus give you custom service. It really is a win-win situation.

How can you help our Lawrence piano movers?

It would be most kind of you to share the details of your home, putting an accent on navigation through it. This will help us plan for our actions. Narrow hallways, no elevator, and tricky stairs are all factors we like to be aware of. An additional way in which you can help us with the transport of your piano is to leave the path towards our moving truck unobstructed. This will help our efficient crew get to work as fast as possible, not having to worry about any accidents occurring.

Apart from preparing your home for this process, it would also be excellent if you could prepare your instrument as well. This means cleaning it from any dust and debris that may have collected over time. Your instrument should have nothing on it, or under it. That would be all, really. We will take care of all the rest regarding the protection of this delicate giant.

A woman playing a piano after piano movers Lawrence KS brought it home
Cleaning your piano prior to relocation will allow you to get back to playing it as soon as it arrives.

We are your reliable, professional and efficient piano movers in Lawrence, KS

For a service that does not fail to amaze, Professional Moving & Storage is the company to call. Our piano movers Lawrence, KS based are one of the best you can find, making any delay with calling our number unnecessary. We will take it upon ourselves to ensure your valuable instrument reaches its destination in an impeccable state, all for a more than affordable rate.  Reach out to us today and find out what makes us one of the leading moving companies for the Lawrence community and surrounding areas for more than 20 years.


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