How To Keep Clean And Organized After Moving Into Your New Home

Anyone else catch the Marie Kondo bug when that show came out? Guilty. I recently moved myself and there was nothing more gratifying than finally getting everything unpacked and put away in the right place. It is probably the cleanest and most organized my apartment will ever be and the move was the perfect opportunity to remove some clutter that I’d inevitably collected. Now, I just need to keep it that way! Here are a few ways I am doing just that.

Embracing Small, Organized, Changes First

As great as she is, not everyone is Marie Kondo (Yes, it is my second reference to her. I told you I caught the bug). It may be more difficult for some to adopt a more organized lifestyle than others. I did not clean my entire apartment from top to bottom. I was already overwhelmed enough from unpacking. I tried to adopt small habits at first. I washed my dishes after every meal and didn’t use the dishwasher until everything was all set up. Over time, I implemented other changes that helped me realize that living in a clean, organized apartment was much more energizing.

Start the Habits at Your Front Door

It really was as simple as starting to take my shoes off at the front door. I can only imagine how much dirt and bacteria gets tracked inside when you walk around with your shoes on. So, once I step inside my apartment, I leave them at the front door. Putting a nice, inexpensive shoe rack near the entrance made it even easier to maintain the habit.

Don’t Let Clutter Rule

Clutter is a serious American problem. It makes your spaces feel smaller and stuffier. I sold a lot of my furniture items before I moved on Facebook Marketplace. I was completely shocked by how much money I was able to make selling these items. I sold probably 10 items in less than a weekend. Everything was picked up directly from my garage and I had a big wad of cash to spend on items for my new place. Go through your home one room at a time and donate or sell anything you haven’t used in more than a year.

Start The Day Organized

Your mom was right. Make your bed every morning! It takes only a few minutes and you will be able to start your day with a clean and organized bedroom. It is so simple, but it works!

Put Everything Away After Use

Putting an item away after using it is a simple way to keep clutter from building up. You may need additional storage bins, but you will finally have enough room for everything. I spent almost an entire Sunday browsing the Neat Method Instagram  page for major organization motivation. Still drooling over all of that perfect organization. If you need a connection, we know a great Neat Method representative in the Kansas City area.

Clean As You Go

Stop passing those messy spots around your house. As soon as you notice them, you should stop and tidy them up as soon as possible. Deal with it right away and save the trouble of having to clean it later when the mess has gone too far.

Reese Jones

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