How to pack paintings for moving

Is your move getting close, but you’re not sure how to pack paintings for moving? PMS moving is here to help! With so many moves under our belt, we’ve become experts in painting relocation. We’ve decided to share tips and tricks on artwork packing, and if you need help in relocation of the said artwork, make sure you hire reliable movers like movers Overland Park KS. Handling paintings need to be done with great care, so make sure you are well-educated on the packing process, and that you’re choosing a reliable moving company to handle the artwork relocation.

Choose quality materials when preparing to pack paintings for moving

However, you decide to approach your packing process, make sure you have appropriate, quality packing materials. They are the factor that can make or break your success, so choose wisely. Paintings usually hold value, both financially and emotionally, so don’t buy second-hand boxes or used materials.

pack paintings for moving with good materials
Quality packing materials are one of the most important factors that influence the painting transportation outcome.

Materials that you will need in order to pack paintings for moving: 

  • Cardboard sheets – it will need to be the size of a painting or a little smaller so that it can sit comfortably between the frame edges
  • Packing paper
  • Corner protection
  • Tape
  • Sponge
  • Rope
  • Scissors or knife
  • Packing box
  • Marker

Make sure that the materials you get are high-quality, and get them from the trusted sources when planning to pack paintings for moving.

Separate the glass from the painting

One of the first things that you’ll need to do when packing your painting is to separate the glass. Place the cardboard sheets between the glass and the painting to protect it if the glass breaks. To do so, you’ll need to remove the frame and if the carboard-glass combo is too thick to fit the frame, just leave it like that. You’ll fix the glass and the cardboards in the next step. It’s very important that you place the tape on the cardboard and tape it with a few bits of tape to the frame. That way, the cardboard will be secured above the painting and it won’t move. Now, it’s time to secure the glass. You will apply the tape and cooking film as described below, but don’t forget to tape the glass to the frame to stop it from moving around! 

Don’t forget to secure the glass when you begin to pack paintings for moving

The glass is very easily breakable, as you know, but the main problem with it is that it breaks into small pieces. There are a few things you can do to prevent small pieces from ruining your paintings. First, take the glass and place the X with a tape. Make sure to place two diagonal lines that go from one corner to the other, covering the diagonals fully. That’s going to keep the glass connected even if it breaks.

man carrying a painting
With us handling your precious paintings, you can redirect your energy to other moving obligations.

But what about the small parts that can break off? You can deal with them by getting transparent, plastic cooking films. Wrap the whole glass in the cooking film. The cooking films are very thin and sticky, and after applying two layers the glass pieces won’t be able to get out. Don’t skip this step since transport can last long and the road can be bumpy. 

Place the corner protection

Corner protections can be ordered online, bought in specialized moving stores or DIY stores. Packing services Lawrence KS can also help you pack your paintings properly and secure the corners, as well as the rest of the painting parts. Corner protection can be made out of different materials like cardboard and styrofoam. Choose the ones that have the small dent in the middle so you can tie the rope or strap around all corners and tighten it. The corner protection won’t only protect the corners but it will act as a physical barrier, keeping the walls of the box away from the painting. Once you’ve placed the corner protection, you can wrap the whole “construction” in the cooking film once more to keep everything in place, but it’s not necessary. 

Use the specialty boxes to pack paintings for moving safely

Make sure that the box you get for the painting fits it perfectly. Purchase the specialty boxes for your paintings from a reliable local moving company in KS or from a moving supply store. It should be a little bigger and wider than the painting itself to make sure that the corner protection can fit in as well. The leftover space should be filled with wrapping paper to absorb force and stop the painting from moving too much inside the box. Once you’ve placed everything inside the box, close it and tape the seams to prevent it from opening. Use the tape, but don’t cover all the surfaces of the box because you’ll need to label it. Writing on the tape isn’t a good idea as it gets wiped off easily.

cardboard box labeled fragile
Pack paintings for moving in specialty boxes, stack them one onto another and write “fragile” on every side

Label boxes that contain paintings

After packing your painting, take a marker and write “fragile” on every side of the box. You can also use the red marker for additional effect, so movers pay closer attention to it. Pack paintings for moving in specialty boxes, stack them one onto another, and write “fragile” on every side – if you do it on top or the bottom the movers may not see it.

Hire professionals to pack your artwork for you

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t let anything be short of perfect, think about hiring a professional moving company to help you. Professional Moving & Storage will pack paintings for moving perfectly and with great care. You can rest assured that your paintings will arrive at the new location undamaged. With us handling your precious paintings, you can redirect your energy to other moving obligations. If you’re moving long-distance, don’t hesitate to contact professionals as long-distance moves require several changes of transport vehicles. That means that several people will have to unload and load the truck or another vehicle with your items, including the paintings, and that greatly increases the risk of damage. Have a PMS Company pack your paintings and achieve the stress-free move you’ve been hoping of. Are you ready to book the move of your dreams? 

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