Room-by-room packing guidelines from professionals

Relocation plays a big role in everyone’s lives. It can easily be said that moving represents a new chapter in one’s life. That is why it is important that we do things correctly. Moreover, it is up to us to try to smooth out the process as much as we can. As we dwell into room-by-room packing guidelines, we hope to shine a light on all of the important aspects of packing before moving.

Of course, hiring professional assistance, like movers Gardner KS is offering can greatly assist you with the whole process. Having professional help when packing and moving can reduce the stress levels induced. Also, this can save you a good amount of time.

Basic room-by-room packing guidelines

As we said above, moving can be really stressful. It can also consume a good portion of one’s time. Packing on its own is probably the biggest stress emitter. It includes obligations like obtaining adequate containers, placing items in the right boxes, and labeling boxes for moving. This is why it is crucial for people to understand what their priorities should be.

a stack of cardboard boxes on top of eachother
Careful planning, proper containers, and packing materials are essential to this process

Packing creates a lot of mess and mess creates a lot of stress and troubles. Understanding that this is inevitable and planning calmly can greatly benefit one’s mental state during the move. So, without further ado, we will dive into basic guidelines for packing your belongings before moving.

Packing the kitchen

One of the hardest rooms for packing is the kitchen and kitchenware. It contains fragile, glass, and oddly shaped items that need careful packing and wrapping.

Firstly, focusing on packing the kitchen first should always be a priority. Secondly, because it contains items that are quite fragile and breakable it will consume the biggest amount of time. Thirdly, start with the refrigerator. Food can spoil quite easily. Especially if it is being transported under bad conditions. Any food that is considered extra or not prioritized can be donated.

After taking care of the food, focus on glassware and china. Bear in mind that these items need to be wrapped with protective material in order to prevent damage.

a kitchen cabinet filled with china and glassware as the most difficult part of room-by-room packing guidelines
Packing kitchen supplies is very hard as they are mostly fragile

Next on the list are kitchen appliances. The best way to protect them is to pack them in their original boxes. These boxes have the purpose of protecting the items that are in the transport process. If you cannot find original boxes using bubble wrap is the best way to go. It will provide the protective layer to items and save them from any potential damage. Last but not least, it is crucial that the boxes are labeled as fragile once the packing is completed.

Packing the living room

The living room is considered as one of the most occupied rooms in the house. Thus, it can hold a lot of valuable and fragile items in it. From appliances like the TV to artwork and furniture, it contains a lot of big and valuable stuff. This is where the room-to-room packing guidelines come quite handy.

Firstly, we are going to start off by packing and wrapping the cables in a box which will solely serve for that purpose. Again, if you have the original box of the appliances it is best to pack them in those. If you, however, do not have the boxes it is important that you wrap them with strong and safe material. Know that you should opt for a wrapping material that does not conduct electricity as it can damage your appliances severely.

Secondly, when moving framed art, mirrors, and other glass and fragile objects tape a big X over the object. This will prevent the glass from shattering and spreading everywhere in case of any damage.

Finally, hiring reliable movers in Kansas will ensure that the transportation service will go smoothly. Professionals will always use the right type of vehicle for transport. Also, having a professional approach to moving can only benefit you.

Packing the bedroom

If you were consistent so far with following our room-by-room packing guidelines you should be in the stage of packing your bedroom by now. This is probably the easiest room to pack. As it contains mostly wardrobe and bedclothes which are not fragile nor do they need special treatment. Travel bags, suitcases, regular cardboard boxes, and bags. These are all the containers that are useful in these types of situations.

However, you can use blankets, socks, and other soft material to wrap your fragile material with. This can save a lot of space and protect other belongings in the process. Bedsheets are the best way to protect any moving mattresses and it will also save up some space. It is also worth mentioning that donating or selling the wardrobe that you do not need can reduce the usage of space.

Packing the home office

Home offices can be a real challenge when it comes to packing. Mostly because they can be quite heavy as they contain computer equipment and hardware, as well as paperwork or books.

a man sitting in his home office with electronic equipment around him
Properly packing the home office is crucial in order to avoid damage

Take special care when packing paperwork and books as they can become quite heavy and the boxes may tear up or break. This can induce stress but also create a financial toll on the mover. When it comes to the computer and it goes the same as any appliance.

Packing the bathroom

The bathroom contains a lot of small items that can easily be put in a bag. Most of them are not fragile and therefore do not need any special care. Of course, for sanitary and hygiene reasons it is worth mentioning that you should use clean containers or bags for items like a toothbrush, razors, soaps, etc.

Perks of room-by-room packing guidelines

Following our room-by-room packing guidelines, you ensure that the moving process does not take its toll. Packing room by room is the best way of approaching as it gives the best insight into what you should focus on next. It is also important to note that packing your essential bags with things that are always needed is very important. These are the things that you do not wish to lose and are very necessary. So, make sure to:

  • Clear room by room
  • Provide enough packing material
  • Hire professional help
  • Prioritize fragile belongings
  • Secure your belongings with extra wrapping material

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