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Opt for our Kansas long distance movers and secure smooth relocation of your home or business. Get your free quote from Professional Moving & Storage team.

If you need to relocate a home or a business anywhere across the country, we have a solution for you. Get in touch with our Professional Moving & Storage and ensure a safe and carefree move. Our state to state, long-distance movers will help you organize a swift and efficient move without complications. Request a free moving quote today!

packed items in a truck
No matter how far you need to go, our team will lead the way professionally and efficiently

Professional Moving & Storage – a professional moving company you can rely on

Our company had its humble beginnings back in 2000 when the only people who enjoyed our service were in the Lawrence community. Plenty has changed since then, but one thing that remains the same is the motto our company still abides by: “There is only one boss – the customer”. This simple yet thought-provoking truth has led our company to the reputation and success we are proud of today.

It is by devoting our attention, craft, and knowledge to the happiness of our customers that we have been able to adjust our service exactly to their needs. In turn, this allowed us to have such a high rate of amazing moving experiences. More than 80% of our business comes from referrals from our content customers, and that only goes to show the quality of the service we provide.

Reliable cross country, long-distance movers are essential for a successful relocation

When moving long-distance, one has a lot of tasks to be mindful of. Packing all of your belongings in a way that ensures safety and security, taking care of all the documentation regarding the change of the address, sorting things at work, and respecting all the deadlines can leave you exhausted sooner than you might expect. And if just one thing fails to go as you planned, you will be quick to realize why people define relocation as one of the most stressful periods in their lives. However, your experience needn’t be like this. It is possible to enjoy the moving process. So long as you have the right people by your side. You will get to have a truly wonderful relocation with:

  • trustworthy,
  • experienced, and
  • professional long distance movers in Kansas.

Our nationwide movers know all the tricks of the trade and are well familiar with every single instance that may occur. This means no unpleasant surprises, delays nor mistakes. Not only will we save you plenty of time and nerves, but we will also provide you with peace of mind. Entrusting professionals with your relocation means ensuring every task is handled in the best possible way.

With reliable long-distance movers partnered with National Van Lines, relocation can be a stress-free life event

When you reach out to our Professional Moving & Storage team, you can be sure we will get you where you’re going at an affordable price. We provide safe and effective moving solutions that will help you transition into your new location with ease. Partnering with National Van Lines, our interstate long distance moving team is ready to deliver an unmatched experience, starting with an initial moving quote and finishing with moving into your new home. With these experts by your side, you will be settling into your new home or office sooner than you know.

movers loading the truck of Kansas long distance movers
No road is too long, complicated, or intimidating for our professional long-distance movers, KS.

The service that we provide is designed so that it will cater to all of your moving needs. You can choose us to take care of it from start to finish. Or focus on just a single part of the process. When in need of long-distance moving assistance, make sure to turn to us for any of the following.

Handling your residential move

Long-distance relocations can be especially daunting when you have a whole household to move. Not to mention that a change as big as this one can preoccupy you on other fronts. Locating the perfect neighborhood, accessing the community, sorting work-related obligations can all take plenty of your time. And packing your whole home in a way that ensures safety to your belongings is no short and simple task. Transporting them is even less so.

Luckily, you are able to have one of the best long-distance, cross country, residential moving teams in Kansas by your side. Just make sure to give us a call a couple of weeks prior to the moving day, and we will see to it that the technical parts of your move are giving you no trouble.

We can transport anything, whether it is a small and delicate figurine or a big and bulky piano. Speaking of the latter, we have a special team of piano movers that specialize in this particular field of work. While they do have all the tools and equipment that are necessary for a job of this importance, they are also armed with great experience and knowledge on the matter. Rest assured that your precious instrument will reach its destination unblemished when handled by these piano moving experts.

Taking care of your commercial relocation

Commercial relocations are notorious for their complexity. In order to conduct it right, the moving team needs to have supreme organization and planning skills, as well as plenty of experience in the field. This is where our commercial movers come into play. These professionals are true experts in their craft. With a detailed course of action, proper equipment, and adequate knowledge, they will make sure your relocation is finalized in record time and with minimal, if any, setbacks in your business.

Our long distance movers from Kansas can pack you for your move

Packing for a long-distance move is hard work! Our packing professionals make sure your belongings are packed safely and securely to avoid damages. They do so by employing professional techniques and quality packing materials. With them handling this delicate process, you can put your mind at ease.

packed items
We will make sure your belongings are ready to withstand all the challenges of the long-distance road.

However, if you wish to take care of the packing process on your own, know that you can still count on Professional Moving & Storage. You can purchase packing supplies at a comparable price directly from our packing store. We are equipped to handle any of your packing needs for large and small items.

Storing your goods

While relocations are the most common reason for people turning to our storage units, know that you can rent them any time you feel the need for additional space. Our storage facility is not only gated and secured but also climate-controlled. Whilst here, your belongings will have all the attention, care, and safety they need in order to preserve their original state. Coming in sizes that vary from a 5 x 10 to a 12 x 30, you are sure to find the unit that fits your needs just right.

And for the items you don’t intend on keeping, we still have a solution. With our junk removal services, you will be able to move out of your office or home without the worry of leaving a mess behind. We will make sure your premises are spotless after your relocation.

Get in touch for a free moving quote

Professional Moving & Storage has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is in good standing with the American Moving & Storage Association and the U.S. government’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

These indicators prove you can rely on us for any type of move you are about to face. Count on our Kansas long distance movers to provide you with a smooth move, no matter how far you need to go within The Sunflower State. Get a free moving quote now and allow Professional Moving & Storage to facilitate your long-distance moving endeavors.

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