What to pack in your essentials bag for relocation?

Well good morning, it is the day of your move, right? You have hired your Professional Moving & Storage company and the movers are going to arrive in just a few hours. There are a few things you should do before your help knock on the door, and one of them is to choose what to pack in your essentials bag. We trust that everything else is all set and ready. Let us help you with some tips on what to have with you in your bag so that you can spend less time thinking and more time moving!

What should you pack in your essentials bag?

We will get to the examples soon enough. First, let us explain what, in general, should an essentials bag carry. Since you have packed most of your stuff in moving boxes, you will have very little to choose from. This is good because whatever is not packed is something you probably needed and if you had the need before, you will have it again. In your essentials bag, you should have everything that you will need for the current day and tomorrow. Along with that, you should have some ”just in case of an emergency” items but we will explain what those are later. The point is, your boxes are sealed and whatever you need, you must have with you.

There are several things you should pack in your essentials bag. One of them is clothes, we will explain why.


Before we continue, just a piece of advice in advance, keep your bag with you at all times an make sure your local movers do not accidentally move it along with other items. Yes, clothes are an essential thing to have with you. Accidents happen, for starters. If not that, then use common sense. You need something clean and dry with you because all of your clothes are packed in boxes or suitcases and you cannot open them to find whatever you want. Therefore, since the situation is what it is, you must think in advance and act in advance. Here is a list of clothes to have with you.

  1. First, have a tracksuit because they are comfy and you are moving. You need to be able to be active and get dirty. Do not pack anything expensive or something that you like a lot.
  2. Besides the tracksuit option, have an outfit set for the day after the move. The chances are that you will not be unpacking the first day.
  3. Have pajamas and some clean sheets to sleep on too. These are in the top 5 most important things to pack in your essentials bag.
  4. Of course, have an extra pair of undies. Trust us.
  5. If you are, by any chance, working the next day, prepare your business outfit in advance and make sure it does not get wrinkled.

Hygiene products and cleaning products

Hygiene products are many but you will not need all of them in your essentials bag because not all of them are essential. Logically you will bring a toothbrush and some toothpaste but those are not the only two things you might need. Besides those, also bring a bottle of shower gel and a bar of soap for your hands along with your deodorant. Of course, a towel is needed. If you have any allergies that are treated with creams, do not forget them either. Do not bring all of your day and night creams along with shampoo and conditioner. You can wash your hear and maintain your skincare routine the next day. When it comes to cleaning products, keep it simple, have alcohol and a cloth for disinfection. The real cleaning is yet to take place. Please, do not forget the toilet paper…

Pack some of your daily hygiene products but do not go overboard.

Medication and ”just in case of an emergency” items

First of all, if you have any condition that is treated with daily medication, keep it in your essentials bag. We are certain that you are used to having it with you at all times, but we should mention it nevertheless. Better safe than sorry. Besides that, also bring some medicine in case of a headache or similar things adults go through daily. And, the last but not least, have a tiny first aid kit. Injuries are not rare when moving and it is better to be cautious, just in case.


Besides your phone, there are other things to keep beside you. If not because you need them, then because they are fragile and valuable. For example, you should have your laptop with you along with chargers for both the laptop and your phone. If you own a tablet, logically, you will not pack it in a box to be moved, you will keep it with yourself. This applies especially if we are talking about long-distance moving. You do not want anything to be broken and you will probably need it while you are on the road. These are communication devices and you do not want to lose those or leave them in another bag.

Have all of your phones, laptops, and chargers with you at all times. They are communication devices and they are very valuable and fragile.

You know what to pack in your essentials bag

These were some examples of what to pack in your essentials bag for the relocation. Trust us when we say that these are the items you must have with you, whatever the situation. Besides these, you can always bring more if you think you need to. Only you know what is useful and what you use daily. This all may seem like a lot, but a smaller suitcase can hold all of it. Whatever you decide to pack, remember to think it through. We hope that our tips were helpful and that you will not forget anything. We wish you good luck! 

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