How to prepare a motorcycle for transport

Are you moving soon, but you plan on bringing your motorcycle with you? You’re at just the right place! PMS Moving is here to help you prepare a motorcycle for transport and avoid all the possible damages. You may also be selling your own motorcycle and shipping it. Whatever the case, movers Shawnee KS based are experienced movers that can help you achieve the stress-free move and get your motorcycle from point A to point B without a single scratch. Are you ready to begin preparations and get your motorcycle ready? To find out how best to prepare your motorcycle for a move, keep on reading! 

Research motorcycle transport options

If you need to prepare a motorcycle for transport, the first thing you’ll have to choose is how to transport it. Movers in Kansas are always at your disposal if you need any advice or a professional moving company, but you have several options when it comes to motorcycle transport: 

  • Use a truck and a trailer – By using a truck and a trailer you have to invite people over or pay someone to load your motorcycle and secure it. It’s a convenient option if you’re moving somewhere close, but there are better options in that case as well. 
  • Drive the motorcycle to a destination – If you can afford to drive your motorcycle to the desired destination, that would be the best possible scenario. Why is that? Because you don’t have to pay for any additional services and you can rest assured that your motorcycle won’t be damaged at all. 
  • Hire an auto company or a moving company – Are you looking for ways to keep your obligations to a minimum during your moving process? The best way to minimize your obligations to a minimum is to hire a reliable moving company. 
clean and prepare a motorcycle for transport
To prepare a motorcycle for transport, your motorcycle will need to be cleaned before you can ship it off to the new location.

How to prepare a motorcycle for transport when moving long-distance?

Overseas or interstate moves require a meticulous plan. That’s why it’s best if you hire professionals. Interstate movers Kansas have a lot of experience in the matter, and they know how to properly pack your motorcycle in a crate, how to load the truck with it, and prepare it for shipping. You don’t want to prepare your motorcycle alone for the long move which requires several forms of transportation. Do yourself a favor and choose a reliable company that you trust to handle this complicated situation.

Prepare a motorcycle for transport by following these steps

  • Clean the motorcycle thoroughly – To prepare a motorcycle for transport, your motorcycle will need to be cleaned before you can ship it off to the new location. That includes washing all of the dust, mud, and dirt that you’ve collected along the way. It’s also a great time to check for any scratches or paint damages since you’ll be able to feel them under the hand.
  • Look for damage: When you’re all done with washing and you’ve checked the superficial layer, it’s time to dig deeper. Take a look at all of the parts of the motorcycle, and don’t forget to check the motor, battery, cables, tank, and all of the other important parts. If you’ve noticed a part that may be critical, it’s time to take your motor to the mechanic.
  • Fill ¼ of a gas tank: Don’t leave your gas tank empty. Someone may need to move your motorcycle during the transport process. Don’t fill your gas tank more because it will add weight to already heavy machinery. When it’s all done, you can proceed to secure the loose part. If you notice a problem, then head straight to the mechanic.
  • Fix everything that needs to be fixed: You’ve introspected your motorcycle and found a problem. Now’s a great time to solve it. Take the motorcycle to the mechanic and get it inspected. Order the parts you need online or leave it at the mechanic to fix it.
motorcycle in a mud
Make sure that you wash all of the dust, mud, and dirt that you can find on your motorcycle.

Don’t forget to do this, too

  • Don’t leave anything loose: Securing loose parts is a very important part of the process. Make sure you’ve secured all of them. You can use the sellotape, but don’t stick the tape on the motorcycle directly. Rather, put a paper or a cloth between the points where the sellotape will touch the motorcycle, and the motorcycle. You don’t want the glue residue on your precious machine. Moreover, you can also use the rope to tie the loose parts – decide for yourself. Rope can be a little more convenient since it doesn’t require any additional tools.
  • Check the tires: Don’t forget to check the state of your tires. Change the tire if there’s a problem. You want to make sure that all of your tires have an appropriate pressure and that all of them are well-inflated.
  • Take all your items: You should take away all of your personal belongings since they may fall out and scratch the motorcycle during the transport. They themselves may get broken too.
  • Take photos of your motorcycle: When you’ve dropped your motorcycle off to the new location, don’t forget to take photos of it. That way you can take a look at the photos to look for any additional damages that may have happened during the transport, and actually have proof that the scratch you think wasn’t there actually wasn’t.
motorcycle at the mechanic
Fix everything that needs to be fixed before you ship your motorcycle off to the new location.

Hire a reliable moving company to help you

There are many steps to go through to properly prepare a motorcycle for transport. An experienced, trustworthy moving company knows that. It’s not a simple task, but we can handle that kind of challenge. PMS Moving has years of experience in moving heavy, bulky items and motorcycles are no exception. You can get a free quote and get acquainted with our reasonable prices. If you’re not sure whether you need our services, give us a call and we will discuss all of the options that are available. We’re ready to answer all of your questions and help you choose the most convenient options and services for you and your motorcycle! 

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