Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Movers

Avoid these common mistakes to ensure a worry-free move.

Proper preparation prevents stressful moves. Here are some mistakes that you want to avoid when preparing for your move.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Movers

  1. Not Getting an Estimate in Writing

No matter how big or small your move, you should always get an estimate from movers in writing. Whether it is in person or sent to you through email, always have it in writing. Make sure that it clearly states the cost for your move as well as the services included for that price and all the services that are NOT included in that price.


  1. Not Giving the Movers a Complete Inventory of What You are Moving

For a moving company to give you an accurate quote, they will need an inventory of items that you will be moving along with additional services you may need. With modern technology, movers can take your inventory over the phone and enter it into estimating software or they can send someone to your home for a visual estimate. Either way, make sure that they know about everything that you are moving so they can give you an accurate price.


  1. Choosing the Least Expensive Mover

Shopping for service is different than shopping for a product. When shopping for the same product (cars, clothes, electronics, etc.) it is easy to compare prices at different stores. But when shopping for a service like movers, it is not apples to apples. The level of training and professionalism varies across different levels of companies which is one of the most important things to remember when comparing the price of movers. Choosing the least expensive mover could end up costing you much more than you anticipated, sometimes with hidden fees and others with extensive damage to your belongings. Always pick a company that you feel comfortable with, not necessarily the lowest price. Follow your gut and save yourself an unneeded headache.


  1. Not Asking About Extra Charges You Might Be Charged

Unfortunately, some moving companies will not tell you about certain charges unless you ask (which of course is a red flag). You should ask if your estimate includes fuel, travel time, insurance, stairs and/or elevators and packing of your boxes. All these items SHOULD be listed on your estimate that is in writing, but if they are not, be sure to ask about them.


  1. Not Paying a Deposit for Your Move

You should never pay for your move upfront or pay a large deposit, BUT a small deposit to secure you a moving crew and truck is always a smart move. When a mover takes a deposit, they will usually secure a moving crew and truck for you and anyone else that booked a move and paid a deposit. This will help the moving company properly schedule their trucks and avoid “overbooking”. Companies that don’t take deposits usually book more moves for a day then they can handle knowing that some may cancel. This method causes them to “overbook” frequently, which could leave you hanging on moving day without a mover. Always secure your mover with a small deposit.

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