Post-move paperwork you need to handle

After your movers in Olathe, KS have finished transferring your belongings, you will have only one thing left to do and that is to arrange your new home, right? Wrong. Unfortunately for you, you will not be getting some rest for another few days. There are many more things you have to do and one of them is the post-move paperwork that is waiting to be handled. After the relocation is complete, this is the first thing that should occupy your mind. We will help you by explaining what those post-move papers usually are and how you should handle them.

How much post-move paperwork should you expect?

The answer to this question depends on many things. If you have, for example, hired junk removal Lawrence, KS based services before the move, then you will have less to deal with after the move, right? The same applies to these papers we keep mentioning. There are many things, such as paperwork, that we recommend you should deal with before the move.

A person handling post-move paperwork
You can expect a lot of post-move paperwork. There are some more and some less important things to handle.

Still, many people fail to do so before and postpone it until after the relocation has been completed. This is usually because people are overwhelmed by the duties and responsibilities that are primary before the relocation itself occurs. On the other hand, there is some paperwork that can be dealt with only after the move. Whatever the scenario, we are here to deal with the paperwork whatever it may be after the move. There is quite a list of documents and papers that require your attention so we better begin.

What does post-move paperwork include and how to handle it?

Since we have mentioned a list of paperwork, we will have to provide you with that list. Now, keep in mind that you may have already dealt with some of these, and if you have, good for you. Still, most people did not so we are obligated to name everything that moving-related paperwork includes. Now, before we go any further, we hope that things like storage services and paperwork related to that have been dealt with a long time ago. Some things are not universal and we will be mentioning only the universal paperwork everyone needs to handle.

  1. Utility companies.
  2. Driver’s license and the USPS or United States Postal Services. Now, this does not literally have to be paperwork for after the move, because you can probably do it online.
  3. Medical records.
  4. Veterinarian records.
  5. Educational files.

Utility companies

When talking about utility companies, we mean electricity, water, gas, cable, telephone, and internet. All of these are crucial for a normal and functional life. When changing an address, you must inform all of these companies about said change. It would be best if you could do so before the relocation is complete, but doing it as a part of your post-move paperwork situation is also acceptable. Especially if we are talking about cable, internet, and similar things that are not essential to life itself. Still, just like you would contact your movers in Kansas on time, we suggest calling utility companies on time so you do not have more work to do later.

Driver’s license and the USPS

This is actually very simple and we think that both things can be done online. When changing your address, the changing of your driver’s license and ID is mandatory because both have an address registered.

driving license
If you do not change the address on your driver’s license, you can have a real problem.

You can easily order your license online but we recommend you handle things like this in person. The USPS also allows online actions and there is a small fee to pay. There is a time limit as to when can you inform the USPS about the change of address without paying a fine and we think it is 30 days. Do not take our word for it but instead go to their official website and find all information you need there.

Medical and veterinarian records

This is very simple and it is not hard to do. If you own a pet, you will need veterinarian records so you can provide them along with your own medical records. You must think of your pet just like you think of yourself. Some people take better care of their pets than themselves. This is a standard procedure and you just need to have a stack of papers, that is pretty much it. Some papers might seem unnecessary to you but trust us when we say that medical files are more than important. We, people, tend to be sorry rather than safe and it should be the other way around. If nothing else, providing these papers is simply mandatory by law and that is that.

Educational files

Along with everything else you have, educational files are very important. Some people even have more educational files than all other paperwork together. If you have kids and they are still in school, this will be quite a job for you. Much before your kids get accepted and can attend a new school, you must have all papers regarding their education sorted out and handed over. It is a simple procedure that can sometimes take a while but it is the way it is.

a girl studying
Before you can enroll your kids in any school, you will have to bring all the educational files you have with you.

That is all the paperwork to take care of

We understand that post-move paperwork is boring and it takes up quite some time. Still, it is important and completely unavoidable so the sooner you handle it, the better. We hope that this was a good reminder for you and that you will take this matter seriously enough. if you do not, you can easily end up in trouble with the authorities and also pay a lot of fines. Who needs that in their life? Instead of allowing this to happen, just take matters into your own hands and simply get it all over with so that you can sleep peacefully at night. We wish you good luck!

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