Moving with a baby in Olathe: tips and tricks

Carrying your baby in one hand and packing boxes with another is probably not the way you want your relocation to look like. I mean, taking care of your little one is time-consuming already, and adding more tasks to the picture surely does not make it easier. Of course, if you hire professional movers Olathe KS knows are reliable and professional, you will have plenty of time during this period. And, to make the process even more manageable, I will share some tips and tricks that ought to make your process of moving with a baby in Olathe much smoother and simpler.

Make sure that you create a plan of action

While having a baby does not give you much time to devise an elaborate plan, the very least you can do is a basic checklist. Trust me when I say, this is a necessity. When I was moving with a baby, I made the mistake of not planning ahead, and thus ended up almost forgetting my phone.

A mother cuddling with her baby
Moving with a baby does not have to be hard, so long as you have a proper plan of action.

So, when you decide that the move will take place, sit down, take a piece of paper or your checklist app, and note down all that will await:

  • packing your belongings,
  • packing your baby’s things,
  • sorting things at work,
  • contacting movers, or asking your friends for help,
  • planning our the layout of your future home,
  • prepare an essentials box with all of your baby’s most important items.

When moving with a baby, you don’t want to start packing too early

‘Early’ is definitely a subjective term, but somehow people often find it easy to determine what this means to them. It is mostly dependent upon how large your home is and how many belongings you have to pack. The point here is to avoid living in a warehouse for an extended period of time. While it may be acceptable for you, because you are ready to take a hit if it means getting everything done early, your baby will probably disagree. What’s more, you yourself will find it harder to navigate through all the boxes and new, narrow pathways.

A couple packing their home when moving with a baby
Trust me, you will have plenty of time for packing, just make sure to plan properly.

If you live in a larger home and have a room you can allocate just for packed boxes, you indeed can start packing even a year in advance. However, if you do not have such luxury, it would be wise to plan packing for some time in the future. Now, this is not to say that you should leave everything for the last minute. If it comes to that, make sure that you call your Kansas long distance movers, as only they will be able to help you. Still, that option aside, here you will have to plan wisely and save yourself plenty of stress.

Thake couple of days off from work, so that you can pack

While it may seem that you can put it all in one weekend, you will not be able to do it. And, what’s even more important, you don’t want to do it. Weekends should be used for rest, and not work. In addition, you really don’t want to pack when your baby is in the house. The logical time for packing boxes would be when the baby is sleeping. But, it will minimize your productivity. You will try to be super quiet, which is super hard to do when packing.

So, take my advice. Get some days off from work, and use it to pack while your kid is in daycare. Your child will get all the attention they need, and you will have the time and concentration all for yourself.

Pack an essentials box for your baby

All of your baby’s necessities ought to go in one box. In addition, you should know where this box is at all times. Depending on how far you are about to move, you will probably lack the time and energy to unpack all of your boxes the very same day you arrive. And babies cannot wait for their food, bath, and so on. So, see that you pack one box with all the things your baby will need within the first 24 hours of your arrival. Amongst other things, this box ought to include: diapers, wipes, pajamas, an outfit, baby bathtub, shampoo/body wash, formula, spoons, sleep sack, and anything else you find a necessity.

A baby with a blanket over her head
Make sure that your baby’s needs are sought after before, during, and after the move by having all the necessities at hand.

Hire movers for assistance

Packing may be a task you are willing and capable of tackling on your own. However, loading a moving truck is a whole different venture, and a lot harder with a kid at that. You cannot leave your kid all alone while you are carrying the heavy couch to the van. And you most definitely cannot carry it with your baby in the other hand. So, the only logical solution is to hire moving professionals who will make sure this part of the relocation is finalized in the safest and most time-efficient way. In addition, they will allow you to take care of some last-minute errands.

Find a pediatrician before you start moving with your kid

I cannot stress the importance of this task enough. The last thing you want to do upon arriving at your new home is searching franticly for a pediatrician while your kid has a fever of 102.9. As in your previous home, you want to know exactly what number to call, and who’s doors to knock on. So, save yourself plenty of time, and a whole bunch of nerves. And get all the recommendations and numbers you need before you start moving with a baby.

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