Guide for moving during the holidays in Kansas

Is the holiday season here, and you’re planning on moving soon? Moving during the holidays can be an exhausting endeavor, but sometimes you just don’t have a choice. There are some things that you can do to make your move easier, and having professionals movers Olathe KS residents trust to handle your move is half the job. If you can’t rely on your movers in some of the most hectic times for moving, then what chances do you stand for having a successful move? To find out what more you can do to make moving this time of the year easier, read our guide!

Start preparing early if you’re moving during the holidays

When you start your preparations early, you know that you’ll have enough time to finish all of them on time. Long-distance moving requires trustworthy movers like Kansas long distance Movers. That way, you’ll rest assured that your move and all of its details will be handled with great care.

a family moving during holidays
Sometimes you don’t have a choice and have to book your move during the holidays. Make sure that you have a quality moving company to help you get through it!

Moving during the holidays can become hectic pretty fast, and as your move is getting closer, you’ll know that you have to prepare for the holidays as well as for the move. If you plan on getting the gifts for your friends and family, consider getting them earlier than usual to prevent getting into the time squeeze.

Things to pay attention to when moving during the holidays

What do you need to pay attention to when embarking on this challenging adventure:

  • The price of the move – Holiday moves can get twice as expensive. If you think that there is a slight possibility that you’ll have to move during the holidays, make sure you send out as many free quotes as possible. That way, you’ll find out which moving companies are within your budget. Having more options is also good – to make sure that the company is the right fit, call them and discuss your moving situation.
  • Moving company – The right moving company will be transparent about the moving process and the prices. They won’t have any hidden fees and you’ll be able to make compromises. They also have to be thorough, so if they don’t send someone to evaluate your space and the number of items you have when you request the free estimate, don’t hire that company.
  • Insurance – Moving insurance is always needed, but with so many people commuting and possibly hurrying somewhere, getting the insurance shouldn’t be up for debate at all.
  • Time of the move – If you can’t avoid this type of moving, then there are some other rules that you’ll want to try to implement, which we’ll discuss a little bit later in the article.
planner and notepad
Staying organized while moving during the holiday season is a challenging task – but it can be done!

Make lists to stay organized

When you move during the holidays, everything can seem overwhelming. Making lists will make sure that you have something to hold on to when you’re overwhelmed. Make a list of all the tasks that you need to do, companies that you need to call, and the questions that you have to ask. You can keep your list on the paper, or use the apps available for your mobile phone to make sure that you can access your list anytime.

Lists are convenient ways to track your progress, as well as your finances. They will prevent you from overstepping the financial limit that you’ve set for the move. Don’t forget to make a list of the gifts that you need to get to your loved ones for the holiday season!

Declutter to lessen the costs

Decluttering is an integral part of the moving process which can’t be avoided. It usually takes a lot of time, which is why you should start doing it as soon as you can. The earlier you start decluttering, the more time you’ll have to deal with the items that you don’t want to bring to your new location.

You have a few options. You can sell them, you can donate them or you can simply throw them away with the help of professional junk removal services. Moving big and bulky items, furniture and appliances usually cost a big amount of money. That’s why many people prefer selling them at their current location and use the money from the sales to buy similar or the same items at the new location.

Donating during the holiday season

Go through your clothes, pillows, linen, and items that are suitable for winter. Since it’s a holiday season, many organizations will be gathering clothes and necessities for foster homes, homeless people, and other places with sensitive groups. Consider donating the clothes, jackets, or shoes that you don’t need. Some kids may need toys, school-related items like books, notebooks, and pencils. You won’t have to pack those items and bring them to your new home where they won’t be used. Also, you’ll make someone’s day, and isn’t that worth it?

woman holding sweaters
Use the opportunity to donate the items and clothes that you don’t want anymore!

Try to move in the morning

Moving during the morning might be the single thing you can do to make your move on a holiday better. Call your moving company and see if you can set the moving time very early in the morning. People won’t go to work, which means that the city might be fuller than usual even early in the morning. Make sure you set the move as early as possible. That way, you’ll prevent getting stuck in traffic and getting the headstart on your moving day!

Hire a reliable moving company to make moving during the holidays easier

Hiring a reliable moving company like Professional Moving and Storage can make or break your move. Imagine how busy the city can get with all of the people rushing to get their obligations done last-minute. With us, moving during the holidays doesn’t have to be a stressful, never-ending experience with numerous bumps on the road. We’ll transport your items to your new forever-home in a timely manner and in perfect condition! Are you ready to book a stress-free move and celebrate holidays the right way?

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