What to Know About Winter Moving

Raise your hand if you think winter is the best time of year to move…Nobody? Okay, I admit that winter weather doesn’t always create ideal moving conditions, but it can actually be a great time to move.

Good Reasons For Moving In Winter Months

Winter months are a less busy time for moving. Booking movers, reserving elevator space in your building, and getting the price you want can be much easier than moving during peak season (summer). There are still things you need to consider before booking a winter move though.

Things To Remember When Moving In Winter

Moving during the winter has its differences from moving in the summer. With some smart planning, it can be easier than you think. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Be Flexible

We know that winter weather can be pretty unpredictable. Be prepared for anything. Watch that weather forecast and if a storm happens to blow in on your move date, you may need to reschedule with your move consultant.

Be Prepared

This is one of the most important keys to any successful move, but it becomes even more important in the winter. Everything should be packed and ready to go before your movers show up. Take the time to pack early and save time on move day. Avoid last minute packing at all costs.

Get Your Home Ready

Snow may create a little more prep work for you on moving day. Grab a snow shovel and clear a path from your home to where the truck will be parked. Make sure icy spots are salted. You don’t want any movers slipping on ice while they are carrying something heavy or breakable. If it is raining or snowing heavily, you might want to consider putting up a tarp over the path. For the interior of your home, our movers use floor protection to make sure we aren’t tracking in any moisture.

Give Yourself Extra Time

When the weather is not being your friend, you better plan for delays. Snow, ice, or heavy rain could all cause travel delays and possibly affect how long it takes to load the truck. Give yourself extra time to complete the move. It’s better to finish earlier than you expect than it is to have to pay for extra time at the end of the move.

Considering a winter move? Reach out to me and let’s talk!

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