The items you should unpack first after moving

There were a lot of things you had to do to make your move successful. One of those things was hiring Professional Moving & Storage to help you. Now, that all is done, you are left with the most fun but probably hardest part of all. We mean packing. Luckily, we have some tips regarding your unpacking process, especially about what you should unpack first after moving.

What to unpack first after moving, should you unpack in a certain order?

Yes, you should unpack in a certain order. This order is not a list of instructions that you should follow no matter what, it is a list of suggestions that will make your unpacking much easier for you. We will, normally, explain why further in the text.

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If you have labeled your boxes, you will have no problem finding the ones containing the items you want to unpack first after moving.

You probably used quality packing materials and we believe you have labeled your boxes like a pro. If you have, there will not be a problem when it comes to finding certain boxes, and that is crucial if you want to unpack in a certain order. It would be a good idea to make a list of things to unpack and in order. 

What to unpack first after moving and what to unpack last

We believe that you want to unpack everything in a day, maybe two. You do not have too much time to spare, and even if you did, you would not use it on unpacking. Of course, you will definitely unpack something out of order because you will need it at that moment but do not unpack everything at once. By doing this, you will just make a mess and double the work. The first thing we suggest is for you to clean your new home before you start unpacking anything. Once your movers deliver all of your belonging, you should start cleaning.

Items that go first

Logically, you will not unpack your clothes if you do not have a wardrobe to fold them in. If that is the case, then you will probably unpack your wardrobe first. By unpack, we mean take off the tape that held the doors shut, clean it a bit, take off any foam padding, and everything else that protected it during the transfer. If you have called piano movers because you own such an item, that too should be unpacked first. In other words, big furniture, all tables, cabinets and similar things. You probably would have done that even if we have not suggested it. It is simple logic.

  1. Furniture such as couches, armchairs, stools, and similar.
  2. Tables, nightstands, dressing tables.
  3. Beds, wardrobes, and shelves.
  4. All items that are bigger in size, not including decorations of any sort, are the items you should unpack first after moving.
Items like tables, chairs, and similar furniture should be unpacked first.

What is next?

Next can be whatever you want, just not the decorations such as painting and other artwork. If you called the best movers, we assume that your boxes are perfectly arranged in your new home so that you can easily find the one you are looking for. The next things you can unpack are your bedsheets. You can neatly fold them in those cabinets that you prepared and cleaned first. You can unpack your clothes or maybe start with plates, glasses, and cutlery in general. Whatever you feel like starting with.


Now that you have finished unpacking everything, you can think about decoration. It is very important that you unpack everything before unpacking things like artwork. This is because it can break or get damaged. Besides, your artwork might need some cleaning and rejuvenation according to the material it is made of. Also, if you have unpacked everything else, you can decide where would the perfect spots for your decoration be.

Unpacking room by room

Another great system you can use is unpacking room by room. You can ask your movers to put certain boxes in certain rooms. For example, all boxes that are labeled ”kitchen” because they contain kitchen items should, logically, go to the kitchen. Once your movers have helped you by placing your boxes where you need them, you can begin unpacking. By unpacking we mean you should go to your bedroom and start unpacking all the boxes that contain items from the bedroom. You can start with any room you like. Most people start with the bedroom or bathroom because they will need those first

Once everything else is unpacked, you can start unpacking and arranging your decorative items.

What could go wrong?

Well, in the best-case scenario, you will be unpacking much longer than you planned. This is if you do not unpack in an organized way. The process can take days and nobody has that kind of time on their hands. Besides, if you have no order in your head about what comes first and what comes last you can break, damage, lose things, and make a mess that will take days to clean up. This applies especially if you have kids.

Children love to play with items and love to help their parents. Taking care of your child’s curiosity and unpacking is not so efficient. Therefore, having an idea of how you are going to unpack, in what order, and knowing how you are going to arrange it all is recommended.

You know what to unpack first after moving

Now that we have gone through all the important stuff and explained why you should unpack in this particular order, we can leave it to you to do it properly. You can see that there are certain things you should unpack first after moving because it will make the rest of the process much easier. You will be tired. A transfer can really eat up a lot of energy so make this easy on yourself. Whatever you choose to do and in whatever order, we hope that you have thought it through. We wish you good luck!

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