Plan a family move to Overland Park, KS

Do you have a family move to Overland Park, Kansas incoming soon? Are you feeling excited about the process, or do the moving prospects frighten you? Then you are just like so many other people – these feelings are perfectly normal – and quite usual. All you really need to do is sit down and plan your relocation carefully. And if you have never done that either, then we are here for you. With Professional Moving & Storage, your family relocation will be easy and stress-free. In this article, we take a look at some of the most important things you will need to go through during the process. Keep reading to prepare for the move and find out exactly what you need to do!

Start planning your family move to Overland Park as soon as possible

The rule of the thumb is to start planning for your move the moment you find out about it. There is a lot that goes into a relocation – from packing to reaching out to the best movers Overland Park KS – you will have your hands full. Not only that, but a lot of the chores will take quite a bit of your time. And so, you need to carefully prepare for everything.

writing a plan
Write down a good moving plan and you will be ready for anything in your way.

Allocate enough time for each chore. Give yourself a minimum of two months to find a home and get everything sorted out. If you are planning on purchasing real estate, then you might need an extra month just for closing everything in. It’s also important not to feel rushed about anything you’re doing. This only puts pressure on your move and gets you to make mistakes – which you should avoid.

So, create a thorough moving checklist. Write down anything that you will need to do – all chores, things to buy or do, people to talk to – anything that you will need to ensure your move is smooth and stress-free. This will give you a great to-do list, but also a fantastic overview of the whole moving process.

Using the checklist, you can prioritize your task. Usually, you will want to do the toughest one at the beginning. This leaves you with more wiggle room, and more time the later in the process it gets. You can also use it to allocate chores throughout your family. After getting used to the idea of moving, kids can help you quite a bit.

Start searching for a moving company

Another thing that you will want to get started on early during the moving process is to find the right interstate movers Kansas. The moving company you are using can make or break your move, and so you need to be very careful about finding the right one. If you are working with reliable movers, then it can be a dream come true. They will know exactly how to help you plan your family move to Overland Park, and they will also offer custom services for any moving needs your family might have.

Conversely, working with an unreliable moving company will mean you have to do most of the heavy lifting. This can ruin your whole moving experience – whether they do not have enough experience or just not enough time to dedicate to you. What’s more, there are fraudulent movers to watch out for as well. Make sure to look for red flags when searching for a moving company, because some try to scam you for your money.

a stressed woman
Bad movers can only cause more stress.

This is why finding the movers will also take some time, so make sure you plan it out in advance. First, you will want to research different companies that service your area. There are many places where you can find certified movers in Overland Park, so make sure you go through them. In the end, you should have a list of around a dozen moving companies ready for your Overland Park family move.

Then, you will want to read through different moving reviews on the company you are looking into. See what people say – and if there are some common trends or problems with the company. You will want to address this with the representative. Finally, call the companies for estimates and references.

Talk to your children about the move

One of the most difficult tasks you will have to do might be to talk to your children about the move. Moving with kids can be a pleasure – but it can also be a nightmare. The reason for this is simple – all of us have support systems in our lives. This can be your significant other, your parents, friends, neighbors, colleges, etc. For children, this is more fragile – they rely on their system more often.

When moving, you are pulling your kids out of this support system. The natural reaction to this is stress. Kids will try to rebel, throw tantrums, or get really sad and angry. Depending on your kid, you will want to approach them differently – however, the goal is the same. You should first present a united front with your partner, and carefully explain that the move is happening.

a father and a daughter who plan a family move to Overland Park, KS
With the right approach, your children can enjoy the move

However, you should also let them know that the family move to Overland Park is stressful for you too – but it doesn’t have to be. Offer them your full emotional support. What’s more, try to get them excited for the move, either by reading about Overland Park, or even visiting and exploring it for a day. Plan the activities to do after you move, and try to involve your kid in the process. This way, they will accept the situation faster, and you will be in for a hassle-free relocation!

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