How to disassemble furniture when moving from Overland Park, KS

One of the main concerns people have when moving home is what will happen to their furniture. The safety of your items should be your paramount concern – and with a little effort and good movers Overland Park KS residents are proud of, you can make it happen too! For better protection, you should disassemble furniture when moving. In this article, we show you how to do it and why it is important!

Why you need to disassemble furniture when moving

Taking apart your furniture before the move might seem like just an extra task, but it is quite important. Not only will it help your movers in Kansas transport an item easily, but it will also help you secure the item during its transport. First, because of their robust shapes, tables, chairs, gym equipment, and similar items can be quite tough to handle. What’s more, they are usually heavy and can fall over other items or boxes, thus damaging them.

bubble pack
You can use padding materials to protect your items during the transport!

By disassembling your furniture, you can wrap each piece in moving blankets and similar padding material. This way, you protect them from any bumps and scratches, but also protect other items in the truck as well! It also makes the packing task much easier, by simplifying the shapes you need to tackle. Finally, each part will weight less, so you will be able to lift it and transport it with ease. This is why it is so important to disassemble furniture when moving – it just makes your life easier on so many different levels!

How too approach this task?

When it comes to disassembling items, you need to be careful and smart. Not doing it properly can damage your items or even lead to injury! So, if you are unsure about how to proceed, and want to avoid using junk removal services due to your mistakes, make sure you read up as much as you can about the process. And ensure you understand the steps. The first thing you will want to do is to gather necessary supplies. You will want some screwdrivers – pick the head and the size depending on the screws. Adding a hex wrench to the pile will also help.

Grab the right set of tools and you are ready for disassembling!

Then, start examining your items. Decide what you will want to disassemble. Usually, these are desks, sofas, and entertainment centers, but you might want to disassemble your beds or wardrobes too! Carefully examine the doors and openings through which you will take your items. Sometimes, an item will surprise you with its size or shape – so ensure you measure everything carefully!

Inspect the items for disassembling points. Usually, it is easy to see where legs or items unscrew, but sometimes you might need to put in some effort. Then, “attack” this place carefully to disassemble furniture when moving item by item!

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